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Title: USB Printer emulator
Post by: FTDIEager on October 04, 2017, 03:17:42 PM
I need a device which emulates a USB printer (any relevant VID/PID) and sends the data (which is sent from the USB host to, what it believes to be a printer) to a PC by either a physical COM port or USB virtual COM port.
I have tried USB-COM232-PLUS-1, but it seems like only VID/PID etc. can be programmed, not the device class.
How should I proceed?
Title: Re: USB Printer emulator
Post by: FTDI Community on October 04, 2017, 05:06:50 PM

Welcome to the Forum,

I'm afraid our USB-serial bridging devices such as the FT232R don't support other USB classes and so could not be programmed to appear as a USB printer. A few applications may still support sending print data to a COM port as some printers (e.g. label printers) still connect over RS232.

If you are looking to send data (in a text file for example) from one PC to the other, you might also be able to re-direct that data to a COM port using an application such as a terminal program (send file option) or by writing a small program which parses the file and sends it out over the COM port. In this case, you could use a USB-COM232-PLUS-1 on the sending PC and another on the receiving PC and link them with a null-modem RS232 cable.

There is also a USB-NULL-MODEM cable with two FT232Rs inside which performs the same function provided that you only need a couple of meters of cabling.

Hope this helps,
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