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Title: V2DAP fails DRD @50ms intervals to monitor keystrokes. Looking for help($)
Post by: CTENGR on August 03, 2022, 09:00:20 PM
Hi All,

We're looking for someone who knows VNC2 coding to help us. We would happily pay for your services!

We are transitioning from VNC1L to V2DAP and see that the DRD command that allowed 50 ms polling in the VNC1L fails on the VNC2.  There is clearly some code in cmdusb.c that is responsible due to a 250ms wait state loop in unsigned char cmd_drd().

As a Hint we've seen this from FTDIs AN_176 (see attachment), but this is outside of our skills to develop a code fix.

Has anyone used or written code that resolves this?
Would anyone in the group like to help us write in a fix ($)? If so please contact me.

We just want DRD to be able to return valid data @ 50ms during a persons fast typing on a keyboard.

Thank you!