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General Discussion / Font L2 format
« on: January 20, 2022, 03:58:15 pm »

I'm trying to develop a utility to preview custom fonts for my FT813 display.
Currently I have bought 4 displays 800x480.

When I open a L2  *.raw font file to parse the byte content:

i.e:   myfont1.raw
Format: 17  (0x11)
Stride: 44  (0x2C)
Widht: 176  (0xB0)
Height: 282  (0x11A)

If I plot the pixels all the width long (176) by all the height (282) what I can see is the character repeated 4 times.
Reading the documentation I can see the L2 format has 4 pixels data. Is this the reason it plot 4 times the data with slightly different values...?
This mean data is Alpha, R, G, B for each line...?

Someone knows how structured are the bytes on a .raw L2 uncompressed font file...?
I appreciate some deeper help on this topic.

General Discussion / Re: FT813 Custom Font Text
« on: December 18, 2020, 03:50:08 pm »
Hi jberkhout,
great researching!

I'm new to the forum, recently bought 3 Crystalfontz CFAF800480E1-050SC-A1-1

I have been struggling for some weeks to make it work, I have a good progress playing with it.
Now I'm at the step of adding custom fonts as need a bigger ones for numbers.

I have found a nice font matrix type. But the thing is the resulting characters are someway shifted, it looks it is about the widths of the individual 128 char table.
Have tried adjusting manually the widths but don't work either.
I have converted the font with the Asset Builder.

But if I use another font to convert, it works fine!  So it looks the matrix font is having some issue while being converted by the Asset Builder.
I have also tested using the Screen Editor and looking to the Export folder.

Could you process the font and test with your utility?

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