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Thanks for instant reply
FT2232 is entirely self-powered so in schematic if you see VBUS connection on pin 59 is from internally generated 5V regulatory & with same supply we are generating 3.3V, so I think there should not be any issue with Power sequence because all three VCC,VCCIO & RESET are generated at same time.

Also we have a continuous supply of 3.3V on PWRSAV pin 59 & hence I don't think chip is in power down mode. But still FT2232H is not able to enuemerate the USB port. I saw that out 50-60 times I got one time Enuemeration of FTDI chip during that time I measured Clock which was showing 12Mhz & also measured the Suspend pin was showing at Normal Operation. After that I had never got USB enumeration

Hi Team

I am using Ft2232h with my Custom design board. I observed that my pin no.60 (PWREN) is showing 3.3V & pin 36 (Suspend) is showing 0V, I assume that my FTDI is probably in suspend mode and hence not able to get detected on my Windows/Linux system.

I have attached snap from my Schematic. I have observed the following thing:
- Voltage wise its perfect getting 3.3V & 1.8V(VCORE)
- Have checked the assembly wise & its ok
- Also checked by Removing EEPROM
- Many times I have observed Device descriptor failed error message on Windows machine

- Whenever the power ON condition happens does FT2232H needs any particular sequence ?
- What will be the Crystal Frequency to be observed at Oscillator pin's 2 & 3?

Can you please guide through on what can be the solution to remove FT2232H out from Suspend mode ?

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