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Messages - JonnyFischer

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I do use a FT2232H with the driver from CDM21228_Setup. It is used for a SPI connection to some target.

Next to this I do use an STM32-H405 for a special single wire connection.

Both drivers are installed and always shown as working on driver level in windows device manager.

I did use the STM32-H405 first for a test sequence without any problem. The USB-Description is shown in STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port -  com6.txt as given by USBTreeView.  I did use the FT2232H Interface with another Windows application for some testing. After usage of this connection, the connection on the other interface via STM32-H405 is broken and locks completely for the application. The USB-Description for the interface is changed to what is shown in STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port -  com6 - 2.txt.

The USB-Description of USBTreeView for the FT2232H stays nearly the same before and after the run as shown in USB-Verbundgerät -com7,com8.txt and is still usable for another test.

Discussion - Drivers / Re: Problem with CDM driver
« on: July 19, 2018, 07:52:04 AM »
Wopuld have been nice to read that reply here as well though I do have some trouble whicht might point on this subject as well.

New Member Introductions / Hello from Frankfurt
« on: July 19, 2018, 07:43:29 AM »

I'm Jonny and working with the FDTI2232H, which I do use as an SPI interface for some Targethardware in a testing context.


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