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Hello everyone,

This is my first post in FTDI Community. So please forgive me if my question is not properly explained, but I will try my best.

In my application, I need to read and write the external EEPROM 93LC46B which is connected to TI MCU via FTDI Driver 2232D. I program the EEPROM with MProg 3.5, for example values for UID/PID, fixed serial numbers and so on.

FT2232D consists of dual channel USB. I am using Channel A for debugging purposes. Channel B is connected to RX (BDBUS-0) and TX (BDBUS-1) pins for UART to TI MCU.
Please have a look at the circuit diagram attached with the file.

My question: Is it possible to read and write the external EEPROM from MCU through UART communication with FTDI, provided that MCU supports this mode of communication and respective GPIO pins are already configured for it.

MY AIM: To access the values of Product Description, Fixed Serial Number, etc., by TI MCU which are already preprogrammed into EEPROM

Thanks in advance!

With regards,
Karan Patel

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