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Topics - doctorwho8

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Discussion - Software / Registering the FTD2XX.DLL
« on: July 20, 2020, 07:06:25 PM »
I found out about the FTD2XX.DLL library via the list which supports the VEE program, which is now supported by Keysight. And that user was able to access the features of the library to fully inform VEE of it, and do other things. However... In my case I sometimes see error messages that a particular method isn't available, yet that's what was selected.

Supposedly the library is supposed to be registered with the Dot-Net collector of such libraries inside Windows, but I've not found a clew as to how that should be done. I did note that the C# examples shown describe how to build from the source code, and that includes making the library available at build time, and including the XML file for interpretation by Visual Studio. I've also come across on the site a Labview example series. Well okay but I use VEE for my work.  8)

New Member Introductions / Hello from the US
« on: July 20, 2020, 02:16:43 PM »
Gregg Levine here. I'm based in NYC. And I use the FTDI parts in connecting either to legacy hardware who have RS232 connectors. For example some Parallax boards use that method. And they sell adapters which contain FTDI part numbers. Some Parallax boards also contain FTDI part numbers for directly connecting to Parallax branded hardware. I also use FT232 ones in a breakout board style made up by Sparkfun for that purpose. In that case I have a few questions coming up concerning the Dot-Net wrapper DLL.
I also use the same family in communicating with certain members of the Arduino community. Typically using adapters designed to attach to a set of matching posts on that board. I first found out about the family of parts in a magazine about the time the original site went up. 

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