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Discussion - Software / FT_Open for multiple devices connected
« on: March 13, 2018, 09:31:40 AM »
Hi, Trying to connect multiple devices and enumerate, We are using FT_Open API() to achieve this.
We connected devices through USB, ie COM3 and COM11. Each time when we execute FT_Open with incremented index.
The returned handle is same for both the calls.
The serial number is same for both the devices.

Ex :
FT_CreateDeviceInfoList returns - 2 (Number of devices connected : 1-with COM3 and 2nd-with COM11)
Iterate through the list of devices(2).
Used FT_Open to open the handle of device to get the COM Port using FT_GetComPortNumber .
1st Iteration : FT_Open returns handle of device connected to COM3
2nd Iteration : FT_Open returns handle of devie connected to COM3 again (COM11 expected here).

Issue : FT_Open not openning and giving handle other than device index 0.

Please suggest any better methods to achive, Or guide us if we missed any step in doing this.

Driver version : FTDI-CDM-Driver-21224

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