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Dear Forum,

this is my first implementation with the VNC2 on an existing design. Your very welcome to also consider newbies design flaws.

My project is to connect to external device via the VNC2 to an embedded device (µC). Hardware is already set. Config of the external device is set. VNC2 and µC firmware I have control of (well, trying for now). 

The data pathway is pretty straigt forward:
  • The external device has an FTDI and USB-B. It uses also the FT232 host and outputs the data with 230400 baud, no flow control.
  • My VNC2 is supposed to receive the data with the FT232 host and forward it to the standard UART port (pin 23, 24). The standard UART settings I could choose.
  • The last device is a µC that receives the data from the VNC2 UART to process it.

I went through various examples and the implementation looks quite straight forward, but I have the the following problem: I experience data loss somewhere in the VNC2

My question: is a FT232 to UART bridge with 230400 baud no flow control possible with the VNC2 and I have done some stupid things in my implementation, or are there knwon limitations?

For your reference you can find my code attached.

vnc2.c - the standard thread based approach I found in some examples enriched with plug/unplug management in the firmware thread.

Thanks a lot, any help much appreciated.

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