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Thank you, that works for me.

Thank you for that answer, that's good news!

If I then start to use the MPSSE as JTAG, without having done anything to alter the state of ACBUS1, which becomes GPIOH1, will GPIOH1's state still remain a tri-stated input with internal 75KR pullup until I change it to something else?


I have a design that is using an FT2232H with channel A configured as JTAG, and channel B configured as I2C. On the JTAG channel, I wish to use one of the free pins as a GPIO to reset my board. I have looked through AN_184, table 5.1, and I see that, for example, the ACBUS1 pin is designated as 'Function' when the device is enumerated/active. But before any software intervention, what is the initial state of this pin? Is it driving high, driving low, or is it an input with pull-up/down? If it is pulled up or down, what is the resistance value?

My hope is that the GPIO pin is tristated initially, so I can pull it up or down on my PCB such that my reset signal is held inactive.

Thank you.

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