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Discussion - Software / ESD4 - Loading pictures from SD Card not working
« on: September 17, 2018, 02:16:55 PM »

i´m using Eve Screen Designer 4 with an MM900EV-Lite in Combination with ME813A-WH50C Board
EVE loads the program (for example the "Washing Machine" Demo) correctly and its shown in the display.
EVE Designer also created some BIN files for the pictures.
I put these BIN Files into the root folder of a FAT32 SD Card and was hoping to see them on the screen.

But the puctures do not show up.
Did i do anything wrong?

The manual just says "Put the BIN files inside the root folder of an FAT32 SD Card".
The program was compiled inside eve designer for the target "ME812A WH50R" and "FT900 Release"


I want to create a ESD function, that returns a Theme:

#include "FT_DataTypes.h"
#include "Ft_Esd_Theme.h"

ESD_FUNCTION(Set_Connection_Color, Type = Ft_Esd_Theme *,Buffered)
Ft_Esd_Theme *Set_Connection_color()
   return &temp;

The Textcolor should be green or red, depending on the state of the variable "Device_Online"
The function is shown correctly in the "User functions" and i can add it into the Logic Node Editor.

After saving and compiling i get the error "tcc: error: undefined symbol 'Set_Connection_Color'"
but i can´t find, where the problem is. The Logic Node editor shows everything correctly (Screenshot attached).


i´m designing my first User Interface with EVE Designer.
I´ve followed many Tutorial Videos and the EVE 4.0 user guide.

The FT813 is controlled by a FT900 controller.
I can export my EVE Project, load it into eclipse, compile an then load it into the Controller. That all works.

The FT900 has several Sensors attached and i want to bring the actual values of
these sensors on the screen. How do i manage that? Do i use "ESD Functions"?
Inside EVE Designer i can create variables and everything. But how do i bring external values, that are created in the FT900 user code
into the user Interface.

One example:
I want  to control a labeltext by a function in my usercode on the FT900. How is that done?

Can anyone help nme with that?


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