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Our new FPGA is designed to send a continuous test pattern to FT601, which sends by USB to Windows 10 “FT600 Data Streamer” app.

“FT600 Data Streamer” GUI output…
Device at Index
  • opened successfully!

Warning: Device is connected using USB 2 cable and/or through a USB 2 host controller!

Device Firmware Version: 0109!
D3XX Driver Version: 01030002 | D3XX Library Version: 01020006!

ERROR: Device can be opened but basic streaming failed!

FTDI FT601 USB 3.0 Bridge Device

Windows 10
Visual Studio 2017

New Member Introductions / Hello from California Silicon Valley
« on: March 24, 2019, 03:24:23 AM »
We are using FT601 to output real time data from FPGA up to Windows 10.

We need receive data stream within the UVC from our FT602 to our C#/C++ app on Windows 10.

 Does FT602 have a USB 3 interface for host, or is only UVC available? 

We are using for non-video data stream.

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