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General Discussion / Getting Null values while using Sample program.
« on: July 19, 2019, 04:19:01 AM »
Hi All,
we are getting null values(tmpBuf) but ft4222_status is FT4222_OK while using a sample program as spi_slave_test_slave_side. That program we have got from below link(windows).
connection is among device like PC-->USB-Spi adapter-->Traveo2 board(microcontroller)

ft4222_status = FT4222_SPISlave_Read(ftHandle, &tmpBuf[0], rxSize, &sizeTransferred);
                if((ft4222_status == FT4222_OK) && (rxSize == sizeTransferred))


but when are using loopback(Adapter only) with readwrite method that is working fine.

Could you please let me know where are we going wrong??
 Thanks at advance

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