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Discussion - Drivers / FT4222H linux driver's bug
« on: July 06, 2021, 02:51:58 AM »
       I am using FT4222H linux driver on my module and I find sometime the FT4222 driver will run into DEAD status in linux setup, even for get-version.c example code. The reproducing step is as follows:

1.     Connect the module which carries FT4222H chip with PC.
2.     Download libft4222-linux- from  www.ftdichip.com
3.     Put the zip file into ubuntu 18.04 and unzip it, the ubuntu run in virtual box 6.1.
3.     run "sudo ./install4222.sh"
4.     run "cc get-version.c -lft4222 -Wl,-rpath,/usr/local/lib"
5.     run "sudo ./a.out" and the output result is :
        Device 0: ‘FT4222 A’
        Chip version: 0x42220400, FT4222 version: 0x0104042C
Of course, the output result is OK. But, if we run “sudo ./a.out” continuously for several times, the code will run into dead status(the terminal has no any output and can't type an key), as shown below,(General we meet this condition after running 4-5 times, sometimes running 7~8 times.)

I also try the windows example code for FT4222 driver in window setup(which is visual studio code), it works fine and no issue occurs.
Do you know how to resolve this issue? Thanks.

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