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Hi, I was using the UMFT260EV1A development module for FTDI FT260 to write custom and readback data from the external AT24C02D eeprom connected to the board. I don't know what happened suddenly now when I connect it to the laptop, it gives a malfunction error- Unknown USB device (Device Descriptor Request Failed) as shown in the attachment below. Can anyone please help me?

I tried rebooting the laptop and also uninstalling the driver, but nothing helped.


As per this documentation "AN_394_User_Guide_for_FT260",  the bit 7(as shown in figure 1) of the "Get system status" tells if the FT260 is configured as HID-I2C or not.

I am reading this value and always get 0 as shown in figure 2 although I have done the hardware configuration for DCNF0 and DCNF1 to select the mode of FT260 as I2C mentioned in "AN_438_FT260_I2C_Example_in_Csharp"(shown in figure 3)
Also i tried programming the FT260 through FT_Prog software as shown in figure 4("AN_399_FT260_HID-over-I2C"). To what value should i set it to enable the HID-I2C?
I am trying this for many days now as we are thinking to integrate the FT260 in our product. Can you please reply as soon as possible @FTDI COMMUNITY?

A few days ago, I was trying to interface the FT260 with ADC module using the LibFT260 drivers in C# and was able to execute it.
Now, I am using the pywinusb HID drivers to interface FT260 with ADC module using I2C. I am pretty much sure about the hardware as i have already implemented in C#.
Can you please help me in implementing HID-I2C for FT260 using pywinusb HID drivers?

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