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 on: Today at 04:36:25 PM 
Started by atom1477 - Last Post by FTDI Community

Apologies the email address is support1@ftdichip.com.

FTDI Community

 on: Today at 04:34:51 PM 
Started by gokhannsahin - Last Post by FTDI Community

Can you just clarify which of the two displays you are using is exhibiting this issue? and can you link the datasheet? Also are you using a custom hardware design or our modules?

Best Regards,
FTDI Community

 on: Today at 02:35:20 PM 
Started by MS - Last Post by MS

I want to use the GPIO2 and GPIO3 simultaneously with the I2C interface in CNFMODE0.

for the configuration of the ports I have used the following procedure:

- initialization of interface A as I2C master
- suspend out deactivated
- wakeup interrupt deactivated
- initialization of interface B for usage of the GPIO

I did not get the GPIO's to work. I2C works fine.

 on: Today at 01:05:44 PM 
Started by atom1477 - Last Post by atom1477
I asking here because of this:

 on: Today at 12:48:19 PM 
Started by gokhannsahin - Last Post by gokhannsahin
The result is the same, it has white pixels.
I think the display settings are correct because when a series resistor is connected to VSYNC and HSYNC pins, it displays the screens.
The settings parameters;
Code: [Select]
#define settingQVGALCDPARAMETER \
{ \
480U, /* Active width of LCD display */ \
272U, /* Active height of LCD display */      \
548U, /* Total number of clocks per line */   \
43U, /* Start of active line */    \
0U, /* Start of horizontal sync pulse */    \
41U, /* End of horizontal sync pulse */    \
292U, /* Total number of lines per screen */  \
12U, /* Start of active screen  */    \
0U, /* Start of vertical sync pulse */    \
10U, /* End of vertical sync pulse */    \
5, /* Pixel Clock */      \
0, /* Define RGB output pins */    \
1, /* Define active edge of PCLK */    \
} \

Also, I enclosed the display parameters which in the datasheet of TFT.

 on: Today at 11:08:47 AM 
Started by gokhannsahin - Last Post by FTDI Community

Can I get you to use the EVE Asset Builder to convert your images using the BT81X specific functionality:
Once completed, please let me now if the results are the same.

I don't believe this issue is related to these resistors, although can you clarify if you are using our Development Modules or a custom hardware design?

You should ensure that your display setting for the 4.3" display are correct.

Best Regards,
FTDI Community

 on: Today at 09:23:52 AM 
Started by atom1477 - Last Post by FTDI Community

Thanks for getting back. It looks like my previous message was cut short.

What I meant to say was please contact private support with a screenshot of your FT60X chip Configurator Programmer. You can contact private support on suport1@ftdichip.com.

FTDI Community.

 on: December 10, 2018, 06:18:36 PM 
Started by atom1477 - Last Post by atom1477
Of course I read Programmers Guide.
But this version (seems to be better):
Unfortunately, it does not answer my questions. It does not tell if there are FIFO buffers inside DLL, or whether PipeReadAsync is non-blocking, and able to read past data (buffered data from previous packets).

 on: December 10, 2018, 02:48:30 PM 
Started by atom1477 - Last Post by FTDI Community

Please may I ask you to have a look at AN_379 - D3XX Programmers Guide, which is available here:


This should provide some further information on the functions and help with your question.

If you are still having problems please may I ask you to contact email support with a screenshot of your

FTDI Community

 on: December 10, 2018, 12:20:37 PM 
Started by gokhannsahin - Last Post by gokhannsahin
Hi everyone,
I was using FT813 in my project but migrated it to BT815 today. The two projects are using the same images.
The screen of one that is with FT813 is very well but BT815 has lots of white pixels. (PALETTED8 has been used)
I enclosed the screens of them, you can see the difference. Why?
Hsync,vsync,disp pins of FT813 etc. has a series resistors at your example schematic of the datasheet.
However, there is no a series resistor in BT815 datasheets. Can this problem cause related to these resistors?
Furthermore, I have two different TFT in my project, one is 7" and other is 4.3". 7" can display my design screen but 4.3" is an empty page.
4.3" also needs these resistors?
Finally, in the startup, BT815 is slower than FT813, the difference is around 1-1,5 second. Why? BT815 is checking something in the startup?
(The embedded codes are the same for them)

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