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 on: Today at 02:41:34 PM 
Started by steve - Last Post by FTDI Community

we have a new beta version of LibMPSSE that you can try. if you email in to support1@ftdichip.com i can tell you how to access the beta.

Best Regards

FTDI Community

 on: Today at 06:01:05 AM 
Started by ffred - Last Post by ffred
Hi, thanks for replying.
well, I see.. in fact the first time I didn't know the FT260 so I get to your website with a Google search for "FTDI" and search there for something and found the FT260.
now since I know the FT260 I directly search for "FT260" on Google and there's an odd thing because the first two links looks the same. the visible part of the links address begins with ftdichip.com ("old" or "2020" not visible). the first link is for FT260Q, with a QFN picture and the second is for FT260 with a TSSOP picture.
and since I want to use the TSSOP, I clicked on the second link each time. didn't imagine there could be an old and new version of your website available at the same time. my bad..
still, version numbering could be updated inside the library files.

ok for using FTPROG for setting the programmable parameters.
but then, like we have a function to open by devicePath and one to read the devicePath, there could be a function to read the serial number or the description, since we have functions to "open by" serial or description..

(and I send you my mail address).

thanks !

 on: May 26, 2022, 04:16:04 PM 
Started by ffred - Last Post by FTDI Community
Hi Fred,
On your initial point regarding the versioning of libFT260, it looks like you are using a link to an old version of our website (see the old2020 part of your URL) which is where you are finding the 1.1.3 file.
Version 1.1.5 is the current version on the website.... https://ftdichip.com/products/ft260q/    

The only way to edit the serial number or description is via FT Prog.  This is a HID class device.

See section 9 User Configuration of the FT260 Datasheet for programmable parameters. FT_PROG must be used to program these as it can't be done using the library. You must also use UMFTPD3A for programming.

There is an update to the libFT260 user guide which hasn't made it to the website yet.   If you can send us an email we can send you this version for now.   

FTDI Community 

 on: May 25, 2022, 01:34:57 PM 
Started by ffred - Last Post by ffred
I'm on my way creating a Rust binding to LibFT260 (while still learning Rust)..
I discovered the FT260 few weeks ago while searching something to replace the unavailable IC I was planning to use. it was a good thing because it suits better my needs. so at this time I downloaded all I found (doc & library) about FT260.
now I read a part of the doc and I'm beginning to use the library, but found inconsistencies.
first of all, I initially downloaded LibFT260 v1.1.5 but can't remember where and now only found v1.1.3 on the FT260 webpage !??
was it removed or is there another place to download the library ?

if I compare LibFT260.h from v1.1.3 and v1.1.5, the only difference is a new function in v1.1.5 : FT260_SetFeature

both versions still have a top description saying :
Code: [Select]
* @file LibFT260.h
 * @author FTDI
 * @date 2015-07-01
 * Copyright © 2015 Future Technology Devices International Limited
 * Company Confidential
 * Rivision History:
 * 1.0 - initial version

maybe you could update the version number in the comment according with the library version..

now a bigger problem, the "AN_395_User_Guide_for_LibFT260.pdf" documentation is really older than even the v1.1.3; several functions are missing in it.

the sample codes are not updated according to the library version (some error codes missing for example).
I haven't looked at all the sample codes, but for example in open_device.cpp lines 143 & 149, the comments seems to be inverted..

in the library there are functions to open by serial number or by product description in v1.1.3 or .5 libraries, but no function to read serial number or device description of the HID devices. would be great also to have function to modify them and then don't have to use FTProg (witch I have to test again later, but I had odd results at my rapid first try with FT260 - more about it later if I can confirm it..).

still working on it. will let you know of my progress..

 on: May 25, 2022, 05:23:52 AM 
Started by steve - Last Post by steve

We are using LibMPSSE V1.1. And I have selected the SPI MODE0 in code. But the issue is with same mode and 6MHz Clockrate SPI write and read works properly and with 30MHz clockrate its not. Do you have any idea?

Thank you.

 on: May 24, 2022, 04:24:12 PM 
Started by steve - Last Post by FTDI Community

the captures don't look as if it is mode0, which is weird because you seem to have set it right in the code. what version of LibMPSSE are you using?

Best Regards,

FTDI Community

 on: May 24, 2022, 03:16:32 PM 
Started by kalesha - Last Post by FTDI Community

Yes, to enable MPSSE mode you need to set the bit mode to 0x02 using the FT_SetBitMode function. the MPSSE basics document i linked previously explains this. the set up the MPSSE. the LibMPSSE-SPI user guide explains the API and how it is built on the D2XX driver.

You can run the example code i linked on visual studio.

Best Regards

FTDI Community 

 on: May 24, 2022, 11:27:15 AM 
Started by kalesha - Last Post by steve
Hi Kalesha,

I think you have to configured SetBitMode 0x02 from d2xx file. This command will set your device for MPSSE mode.

 on: May 24, 2022, 07:40:42 AM 
Started by kalesha - Last Post by kalesha

Yeah I went through with all documents it said the configuration can be changed by setting FT_SetBitmode through d2xx commands.

But how to give those commands? Is there any API or any terminal to give commands

Note: I just want to change it's configuration to USB -> SPI, rest the interfacing part we have .bat files.

 on: May 23, 2022, 04:15:05 PM 
Started by kalesha - Last Post by FTDI Community

To use the FT232H with SPI, the MPSSE engine is used. We have an example application using the FT232H with SPI. https://ftdichip.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/AN_180_FT232H-MPSSE-Example-USB-Current-Meter-using-the-SPI-interface.pdf.

Also, have a look at https://ftdichip.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/AN_135_MPSSE_Basics.pdf this shows the basics of how to activate and use the MPSSE engine.

Here some helpful documentation for MPSSE:


LibMPSSE-SPI is the dedicated API for using the engine for SPI communication. we have a number of software examples to get you started. they can be found here https://ftdichip.com/software-examples/mpsse-projects/libmpsse-spi-examples/.

Best Regards,

FTDI Community

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