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Author Topic: images with Eve Screen Designer 4.5 Beta 2 on ME813AU-WH50C DEV BOARD  (Read 590 times)


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we are starting a new project with EVE FT813Q. The SampleApps are working fine on
ME813AU-WH50C DEV BOARD with Visual Studio Express 2017 after updated
LibFT4222 files in EVE SampleApp projects.

Now we are using Eve Screen Designer 4.5 Beta 2 with ME813AU-WH50C DEV BOARD.
The Problem is that images are don't displayed on ME813AU-WH50C DEV BOARD screen.
ESD Labels, buttons, progress bars... will displayed on screen but all images,
widgets with images will don't displayed on the screen. We used png and bmp images,
example png images in screen designer and images will don't displayed on the
ME813AU-WH50C DEV BOARD screen.

Can you help us with this issue? Should LibFT4222 files updated before starting build and updating to hardware?

best regards