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Author Topic: VinculumII- SPI in V2DAP long time for read status 0  (Read 393 times)


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VinculumII- SPI in V2DAP long time for read status 0
« on: March 14, 2019, 05:37:52 PM »

Good afternoon!
My VNC2 is configured as IPA and SCS. And I'm communicating via SPI.
When VNC2 reboots it only sends the prompt (0x3 and 0x0d).

As soon as I start VNC2 I read the 2 bytes that are in memory and this takes approximately 500us.

Then I open the opw file in approximately 2ms, but to read the return I take approximately 16ms, this is because the status always comes in 1 and I request the byte again until the status comes with 0 ... Can anyone here help me? Looks like some sync problem. That way, I'm taking too long to burn 8MBytes on a flash drive for about 30 minutes, I'd like to cut back on that time.

The software I recorded in vnc2 is what you have enabled on the site:
"FTDI \ Firmware \ Samples \ V2.0.2-SP2 \ VNC1L \ V2DAP"