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Author Topic: Hardware design guide for BT815 with Serial Flash Programming Util.  (Read 1790 times)


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I am starting to design a custom PCB for my application with BT815. My host is a SoC with SPI access. A Serial Flash will be onboard for storage of graphic assets (png, wav, video etc). I can see that there is a <Program Flash> utility in EVE Asset Builder to program a Serial Flash via FT4222. From schematic of VM810C a FT4222HQ is onboard that wired to QSPI of BT816. My questions are:

1) If I don't want to include FT4222 on each of my final design PCB (to save BOM cost), is a SPI/QSPI MUX required? Or needing a jumper set to select between FT4222 vs my host?
2) Is the protocol to program a serial flash wired up to BT81x open so that I can include it in my firmware?