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Author Topic: FT260 (LibFT260.dll) - "Device Not found" returned when try to Open communicatio  (Read 1671 times)


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i have Windows XP as O.S. and i am using LabVIEW as programming environment. I am using the LibFT260.dll to interfacing with the development board UMFT260EV1A.

when try to open the communication (either as by index or by Vid and Pid) the STATUS of the request is "Device not found".
The Device is recognized by my O.S. and if i open an USB RAW communication with device and try to request the chip version, the device answers me correctly.

Can you help me and give support for understand and resolve this problem?

Thank you.
Francesco Mancuso

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The issue sounds most likely with LabVIEW.

Note Microsoft stopped all support for Windows XP from April 2014 however LibFT260 has been tested with XP.

We do have some basic LabVIEW examples, but they are very old. Unfortunately we don’t have access to LabVIEW so it’s no longer supported.

Are the results the same on Windows 7 or Windows 10?

Is the correct HID interface being opened?

This was tested on our test PC in the lab. The FT260 was successfully listed and opened using LibFT260:

Note: FT260 is configured as dual channel mode and are listed as interfaces 0 and 1. The successful line of code opens this interface number:

ftStatus = FT260_Open(0, &ft260Handle);

Other HID interfaces may exist on the PC such as mouse, keyboard, etc.

Can you take LabVIEW out of the question for testing purposes, and run the examples provided with LibFT260?


Best Regards,
FTDI Community