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Author Topic: Datatype declaration error:: ft_bool_t FT_Esd_BitmapHandleUse[] in FT_Esd_Dl.c?  (Read 778 times)


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Studying how EVE Screen Designer 4.5 works and found a datatype mismatch in FT_Esd_Dl.c.

This file is stored at ./EVE Screen Designer/Libraries/FT_Esd_Framework/

Data type for FT_Esd_BitmapHandleUse[] declared as ft_bool_t.

However, browsing down the source code at line #251 an assignment to 2 is declared.

Code: [Select]
if ((handle < FT_ESD_BITMAPHANDLE_NB) && (handle != FT_ESD_SCRATCHHANDLE)) // When valid and not using scratch handle
Ft_Esd_BitmapHandleUse[handle] = 2; // In use

This leads to compile error for some other toolchain.

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Thanks for pointing this out!
This issue has been fixed in ESD 4.6 due to be released shortly.

Best Regards,
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