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Author Topic: EVE image loading problem  (Read 88 times)


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EVE image loading problem
« on: June 18, 2019, 05:58:53 PM »

In my application using an FT81x, I like to use different images.  For speed reasons, I would like to upload these after power up into RAM_G at differnet addresses.  The images are of different sizes, such as 400 x 180 and 600 x 200, etc., thus rather larger but still fit easily within the 1MB general purpose RAM.  However, any of these images loaded into RAM_G under an address other than 0x0 (using BITMAP_SOURCE) will either be shifted in a weird way or does not show up at all.  Only when I load it at address 0x0, the image will show.  I also used any of the various examples available to verify this behaviour, but they all fail as soon as I change the destination address.  Some examples with smaller images work with an address such as 0x600 but also fail when this is changed to a higher address such as 0x1000.  This not an alignment issue, as I used aligned addresses.  What am I doing wrong?? The Programming Guide does not help as the BITMAP_SOURCE command only requires a 2 byte alignment for the bitmap format RGB565 that I am using. Interestingly, any example only uses address 0x0 for images.  But what is the purpose of BITMAP_SOURCE if it only works for RAM_G address 0?