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Author Topic: FT602ChipConfigurationProg.exe Communication Error  (Read 4541 times)


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FT602ChipConfigurationProg.exe Communication Error
« on: March 31, 2020, 10:39:57 AM »

1) I have connected the UMFT602A-B module to my computer with an USB3.0 cable. I followed the steps in AN_435 and AN_437 on how to use the FT602 Configuration Programmer and how to install the driver and Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x86) package. The program runs on Windows 10 64-bit machine.
The UMFT602A-B is powered from USB with the default jumper configuration (no changes to the board).
When I execute the FT602ChipConfigurationProg.exe program, all buttons and text boxes are disabled except for Read From File and Read Configuration buttons as shown in FT602ChipConfigurationProg_1.JPG picture attached. If I click on one of the two buttons then all the buttons and text boxes are enabled, see FT602ChipConfigurationProg_2.JPG attached.
I select the FIFO Mode as 245 Mode from the combo box and click on Write Configuration button then I get a device communication error as depicted in FT602ChipConfigurationProg_3.JPG.
I click on the Auxiliary Interface check button and all the buttons and text boxes are disabled in General Config tab. Click on FIFO Channel 1 tab and I'm trying to write again the configuration by clicking on the Write Configuration button, I get the device communication error message as depicted in FT602ChipConfigurationProg_4.JPG. I click on the Switch to Advanced Mode button on the same page and then the application exists.
I can see the device installed in the Device Manager.

2) When I plug the UMFT602A-B module to the Altera Cyclone V GX Starter KIT running the program as described in AN_434 then I can see the video pattern stream in VLC. I can't write the configuration using FT602ChipConfigurationProg.exe in this case also.

I can't write the configuration to the device using the FT602ChipConfigurationProg.exe, can you please help me with this problem?


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Re: FT602ChipConfigurationProg.exe Communication Error
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2023, 07:03:56 PM »

I'm having a very similar problem right now.

1. I plug FT602 to the USB port and start the FT602 Programming Utility
2. Only "read configuration" and "read from file" buttons are clickable
3. When I click "read configuration", I get a message "auxiliary interface is not present, please enable it"
4. I click to enable the auxiliary interface and all buttons become grey, unclickable

I cannot configure the FT602 chip anymore.