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Author Topic: FT4222/FTD2XXX_NET.DLL I2C slave stops communicating when screen saver kicks in?  (Read 1370 times)


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I am using a C# wrapper for the FTDI I2C DLL. My program is acting as a Slave device. I have noticed that when the screen saver kicks in, I stop getting data.

The other DLL I am using (GPIB interface to a signal generator) keeps chugging along just fine. Only the I2C stops reading. The reads from the I2C is based on a Windows 10 timer. The control on the GPIB device is based on another timer. Since I can tell the GPIB timer is still working, I don't think it's a timer issue.

Has anyone else encountered this?

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Hello Allen,

Our drivers may have a dependency on Windows Timer Resolution.
Some applications like Chrome for example may change the Windows Timer Resolution which can have an effect on all software that uses it.
We think it’s a bad practise from Microsoft to allow for the Windows Timer Resolution to be changed by applications, but it is out of our control.

The screen saver issue is not something that we have encountered before. Maybe disabling it is an option, or take a look at the other Windows settings?

Please take a look at the standard I2C examples provided with LibFT4222.

Best Regards,
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