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Hello from México


I have followed the EVE line of screens since I had the first contact with a FT843 TFT screen. I was very impressed by the quality of the graphics that could be sent to the screen.

With the help of my great friend and brother ligthcalamar (forever an honored friend), we were able to experiment with FT81x and BT81x series displays, to the point of modifying the James Bowman library for 23X gameduino and making it work on boards like the ones: nucleo H743, nucleo F767, and I say it with pride: recently teensy 4 and 4.1. Best of all, having been able to use the SdFat library in conjunction with the SDIO reader of those teensy boards, managing to enhance the multimedia management that these graphics chips can support.


The first test of the modifications could be captured: first test of the GDXT4X library

There are still many doubts and questions, so what better way than to ask the experts.

Greetings and stay safe.

FTDI Community Admin:
Welcome to the Community.

Thanks for sharing your EVE project. I believe the rest of the community will find it very interesting, as we have.

Please note that we have created the Bridgetek Community to discuss all Bridgetek products e.g. EVE, MCU.

Please follow this link and create a new user account to get started.

best regards

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