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Author Topic: Analog Camera with FT81x  (Read 2094 times)


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Analog Camera with FT81x
« on: March 14, 2018, 10:53:04 AM »

Hi everyone,
I'm using your product is FT813 and would like to display a camera image. The resolution of TFT is 800x480 and the MCU is STM32F446.
I have to use a video decoder because an analog camera will be used. In your reference guides suggest a digital camera module for using MJPEG.
However, there is no information about an analog camera. I'm thinking of using TI's decoder chip is TVP5150AM1 and any analog camera. I guess that the bit size of the interface will be 8bits.
Finally, the data that received from DCMI module via DMA will be transferred to FT813 via again DMA of QuadSPI. These images have to be JPEG? If yes, the camera and decoder chip have to support JPEG, so the specific products can be used?

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Re: Analog Camera with FT81x
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2018, 11:30:04 AM »

Hi Gokhan,

The images would need to be in one of the formats which EVE supports directly. In theory this could be a bitmap written to RAM_G or a compressed image written via the co-processor. You could perform some processing, re-formatting, and error checking on the MCU instead of passing directly via DMA from decoder to SPI if the camera output isn't directly compatible with the formats supported by EVE.  If your video IC outputs direct RGB values rather than compressed values, then you may find that re-formatting into a format such as RGB565 with simple shifts and masking puts less workload on your MCU.

Best Regards, FTDI Community