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Author Topic: FT4222H and Windows driver 2021  (Read 414 times)


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FT4222H and Windows driver 2021
« on: June 08, 2021, 02:04:40 PM »

For abaout five  years we use successfully a FT4222H to implement a  USB-SPI and USB-GPIO bridge in a Windows 10  based system.
The version of the FTDI Windows driver was up to now

Recently some customers did a Windows update and the FTDI driver version changed to
With this version we cannot use the USB-GPIO bridge function.
The library call  „FT_CreateDeviceInfoList()“ recognizes only 1 device (the USB-SPI-bridge).
With the former driver 2 logical devices were recognized.

In the Windows device-manager both logical devices  „FT4222H Interface A“ and „FT4222H Interface B“ are shown regardless of the driver version.

This behaviour can be reproduced with the „gpio_write“-sample in LibFT4222-v1.4.4.

Any hints?


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Re: FT4222H and Windows driver 2021
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2021, 05:09:46 PM »

With new driver version  the USB-GPIO bridge works.