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Windows ARM64 driver


FTDI Community:

The Windows ARM64 driver is now available on our website:

You can find this on the VCP and D2xx driver pages under the ARM column.

This supports Windows 10 and Windows 11 only for ARM64 based Windows PCs.

It also works on Mac M1 running Parallels VM with Windows.

Please note that you need to manually install the driver through Device Manager --> Update Driver --> Browse my computer for drivers and point to the downloaded driver files.
Please refer to section 3.3 of the Windows 10/11 Installation Guide.
This has to be performed twice, once for the D2xx interface and then for the VCP interface (COM Port).
If the VCP interface does not appear after installing the D2XX interface, then either use Device Manager to “Scan for hardware changes” or unplug/replug the hardware.

If using Parallels VM on Mac M1 then please note the following:

The device driver files must be on Local disk (C:), as seen by Windows.
The desktop shown in the home window of Parallels is actually the same as the Mac desktop. Windows apps and files run from here, but the device driver files must be located on the “actual” PC.

Best Regards,
FTDI Community


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