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Disabling ports on the FT2232H


I'm working with a board that uses the FT2232H with an EEPROM chip for a UART and JTAG bridge. I don't need the JTAG functionality and having the extra serial ports can make it confusing when multiple devices are plugged in. Is it possible to disable a port using FT Prog so I only see the UART serial port?

FTDI Community:

Yes you can use FT_PROG to disable the VCP Serial Port as shown in Ports (COM & LPT) in Device Manager:

Note that the two D2xx Ports can't be disabled but they are seen under 'Universal Serial Bus controllers' in Device Manager.
This interface is likely used for JTAG anyway as the d2xx drivers must be used for JTAG operation.

Please take a look at FT_PROG where you should find the option like 'Load D2xx Driver' and if checked would disable the VCP port.

Note that the device should be unplug/replug for the change to take place or click on 'Cycle Ports' in the FT_PROG programming window.

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