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hi ~
May I ask if using the 0x13 command and 0x11 command can achieve an SPI speed of 30 MHz?
I have found that 3-line SPI (9-bit) cannot achieve 30 MHz. Is there a 9-bit command available?
see AN_108 Command Processor For MPSSE and MCU Host Bus Emulation Modes .
thank you so mcuh!!

FTDI Community:

According to LibMPSSE-SPI User Guide when using our MPSSE library it's possible to run at 30Mhz:

uint32 ClockRate
This parameter takes the value of the clock rate of the SPI bus in hertz. Valid range for ClockRate is 0 to 30MHz.

So you can maybe try with our library which has source code provided for reference.

These also may be useful to you:

AN_114 Interfacing FT2232H Hi-Speed Devices To SPI Bus
AN_180 FT232H MPSSE Example – USB Current Meter using the SPI Interface

Other software examples exist:

Also please also note, SPI modes 1 and 3 are not supported with our MPSSE engine.
So please check that your SPI device doesn’t work with these modes.

We also have a support office in Taiwan.

Best Regards,
FTDI Community


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