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Author Topic: Cannot get the correct devtype for FT4222 with libft4222 in linux docker image  (Read 28845 times)


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    I want to get the device info for FT4222 with libft4222.so in linux docker image, and  with the source code in the pciture (getdeviceinfo.png).
    I chown the 0777 mode for the directory /dev/bus/usb, and have root privileges in linux docker image,but we get the unknown dev type. We get the correct dev type FT4222 with the same code in host not in docker.
   Could you tell me where is a problem? Do you have any idea how to fix it ?
Thank you.

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We don't have any experience with "Linux Docker" although i note that they have a community page also.

Our D2xx driver as well as the libFT4222 files are available from our website   

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