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Author Topic: FT232H CPU-FIFO  (Read 943 times)


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« on: May 31, 2018, 02:17:20 AM »

FTDI no chippu ni tsuite gijutsu-tekina go shitsumon o sa sete itadakereba to omoimasu. Chippu o sentei shi tsukaeru ka dō ka no kakunin o shitai no ga mokuteki ni narimasu. Kataban FT 232 H shiyō mōdo CPU - FIFO Style (maikon to FT 232 H o rōkarubasu de setsuzoku) shiyō doraiba 2 Dxx doraiba jōki no mōdo de shiyō shita baai, PC kara no dēta sōjushin no sai ni pin bangō 32 (ACBUS 8) 33 (ACBUS 9) ga Hi → Lo e henka shimasu ka? CPU basu de setsuzoku suru tame, jushin warikomi shingō to shite tsukaeru ka, sōshin kanryō warikomi shingō to shite tsukaeru ka? No kakunin o shitai no ga mokutekidesu. Mata, pin bangō 32 (ACBUS 8) 33 (ACBUS 9) ga tsukaenai baai, pōringu shori de dēta no jushin o shite imasu ka? Yoi hōhō ga areba oshiete kudasai.
I think that you can ask technical questions about FTDI chips.
It is a purpose to check whether the chip can be selected and used.

Model number FT232H

Usage mode CPU - FIFO Style (Connects microcomputer and FT 232 H via local bus)

Driver used 2Dxx driver

When used in the above mode, when sending and receiving data from PC
Does pin number 32 (ACBUS 8) 33 (ACBUS 9) change from Hi to Lo?
Because it connects via the CPU bus, it can be used as a receive interrupt signal or transmission complete
Can it be used as an interrupt signal? The purpose is to confirm the check.

Also, if you can not use pin number 32 (ACBUS 8) 33 (ACBUS 9), are you receiving data by polling processing?
Please tell me if there is a good way.

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« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2018, 11:57:41 AM »


I notice that you also sent this question to our email support channel and that you have received a reply.

For completeness below is the reply that was sent:

Sorry that the pin number 32 (ACBUS 8 ) 33 (ACBUS 9) cannot be accessed under CPU-FIFO mode. if you want to access them, you need to switch the operation mode into the CBUS bitbang mode. but I don’t think it’s what you expected.
I suggest that you select async FIFO mode for your application due to it use the same HW bus as the CPU-FIFO mode but it works more efficient.
Due to the FT232H works as the slave device under the async FIFO mode, your CPU control the data access timing and it’s not necessary to inform the FT232H that the data transfer is done.

Please continue any further discussion with the email support channel.

Best Regards,
FTDI Community