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Title: FTDI VCP problem (drviers?) on win 10 x64
Post by: GF1981 on August 22, 2019, 09:56:51 AM
Hi everybody,

i'm using an USB Counter by Hengstler (Model Tico 773 542) which is USB.
i use on windows 10 x64 computer and i poll requests via the virtual com port to read the counter via a command provided by Hengstler.
The normal scenario is:

- computer is on
- counter is on
- i can read it

if i switch off the computer (restart or full power off) and after that i restart the windows 10 then:

- com port exists on device manager
- i cant read due to Timeout

looks like TX it's not there somehow.
only doing a reset (switch off and on) of the counter then i can read again.
i tried with several drivers (2.12.26 / 2.12.28 / 2.08.24) but still the same issue.

can be the case that the chipset it's not reacting if not used for a while via the USB port ? do you have any issue like that on other devices ?

Thanks for support