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  I have successfully ported pattern generator example to my custom PCBA and I can see vertical colour bars on PC.  I am studying the how the UVC header and data is being sent from FPGA using WR_N transactions.  I also used Wireshark to capture USB tranffic and observe that multiple WR_N transactions are consolidated into 1 USB bulk transfer of size 12 bytes (header) + 640x480x2 bytes (yuy2 data).

  I am confused by how FT602 knows which of the WR_N transaction is the start of UVC frame and which is the last?  What is the purpose of sending data = 0x00000055 and BE = 0x1 and the end of yuy2 data?  This 0x55 byte is not captured by Wireshark even though it is sent by FPGA to FT602.



Discussion - Hardware / FT602 UVC configuration, color space stuck at GREY
« on: September 14, 2020, 02:03:59 PM »
  I am using FT602 eval board UMFT602A together with Altera development board.  The UVC example design works and I can see scrolling color bars on my PC.  I am learning how to send other types of video and if I got it wrong, AMCAP will just give me a blank screen.
  While trying to send other color formats over this setup, I changed FT602 UVC configuration color space to FCC GREY using FTDI's FT602 configuration tool.  AMCAP is unable to decode this stream and unlike other forms of error, it actually pops out a dialog box and report that it unable to render video preview stream, no combination of intermediate filter can be found to make the connection.
  So I reverted to the example design and changed FT602 UVC configuration back to FCC_YUY2.  However, AMCAP continues to report the same error as previously.  I check the properties of the video device and its color space is GREY.
  I have tried to changed it back to YUY2 many times, power cycled, rebooted PC and re-install FTDI drivers, nothing works.

  Pls advice how I can configure color space back to YUY2.


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