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I have 11 UART Serial Adapter Cables of the following types that are logging information simultaneously from 11 microcontrollers:


I have written a simple terminal application that can handle 11 com port connections simultaneously and writes all the received ASCII-characters in the same window row-by-row. I sometimes find that ASCII-text from two different microcontrollers are received in the wrong order and I believe this has something to do with the fact that USB likes to wait for a certain amount of bytes before sending the packet. My question is, if I switch from using VCP-driver to the D2XX-driver, would this likely improve so all the text in my terminal window would appear in chronological order?

I have several UART Serial Adapter Cables of the following types:


I would like to make it easier to identify all the different cables from within a home-made Windows application (it's written in C#, but it's capable of calling DLL-files). Is it somehow possible to assign the cables descriptive text strings such as "Mike's 3 MBaud cable", "John's 12 MBaud cable with power switch", "Kevin's UART cable with Tx/Rx tied together", etc in some non-volatile storage inside the cables? I read in the following manual https://ftdichip.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/D2XX_Programmers_GuideFT_000071.pdf that many settings can be modified, but I don't have enough USB knowledge to know which settings are safe to modify. It would be a bonus if the text descriptions also would show up in the Device Manager somewhere, either directly in the tree or if you'd go in and look under properties, but it's not a requirement. Typically, I use the standard VCP-drivers, but if there's a very specific reason to do so, I guess I could switch to a different driver and make my home-made Windows application install that driver automatically if it's not present on the computer (I don't like having to supply driver separately).

What Baud rates, except 12 MBaud, does C232HD-DDHSP-0 (https://ftdichip.com/products/c232hd-ddhsp-0/) support?

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