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I am using the FT260Q-T on a new product design and am running into issues. We have designed the part into a custom circuit board and are using it for serial communications with a microcontroller via UART at 115200 baud.  We are communicating with the FT260 over the USB link and are able to successfully transfer packets between our app on a Windows 10 computer and run packet traffic in both directions indefinitely without issues. However, if the successive return packets contains a changing variable, then we are getting exceptions from the LibFT260.dll and our app crashes. There seem to be certain combination of bytes that cause an issue with the DLL. When this occurs we need to disconnect and reconnect the USB (therefore resetting power on the FT260) before we are able to communicate with it again. On the circuit board, and oscilloscope shows well-formed packets in both directions, so we don't see issues on the UART side as far as signaling is concerned.

Have you seen anything like this fault? Can you think of why it may be occurring and only for certain combinations of bytes where otherwise it is 100% successful?


Aaron Needles 
Embedded Systems Consultant 

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