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Topics - urbanvibes

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I have a setup where 64 bit versions of ftd2xx and LibFT4222 dll's are called through Matlab, this originally worked fine on one PC, but failed on another one.
We had a debug session where we concluded that the first call to a LibFT4222.dll function returns FT4222_DEVICE_NOT_SUPPORTED. We compared installed dll's, made sure we had the same versions, but the same code still only worked on one machine. The morning after I restarted my PC after a Windows update, and now the error was on both machines.

I have attached a C++ test program created in Visual Studio, this works fine when compiling/running in 32 bit, but fails when compiling/running 64 bit.
(The dll paths are relative to my test setup, they might need modification before running)

Any ideas?
Torbjørn Biering Tvermosegaard

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