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I've tried what you suggested but without success.

However, I've solved the problem.

Seems like the SPI USB bridge example is not designed for the V2DIP1-32 Evaluation Board.
To make it work I had to change the code to use the second USB device.

Code: [Select]
usbhost_init(VOS_DEV_USBHOST_1, -1, &usbhostContext); to
Code: [Select]
usbhost_init(-1, VOS_DEV_USBHOST_1, &usbhostContext); solved the problem.


Thanks for the fast responds.

I just had a look and both my USB Sticks are using 512 Bytes per Sector.

What else could be the problem?


I'm using the V2DIP1-32 development module with the VNC2 debug module.
I want to implement a data transfer between SPI and USB mass storage.

Unfortunately the SPI2DSC example (https://www.ftdichip.com/Support/Documents/AppNotes/AN_186_VNC2_SPI_to_USB_Memory_Bridge.pdf) does not recognize my USB device.
It does not get out of the loop in line 273 of SPI2DSC.c where checking usbhost_connect_state:
Code: [Select]
while (usbhost_connect_state(hUSBHOST_1) != PORT_STATE_ENUMERATED)
I've tried two different FAT32 USB Sticks, both with the same result.

Best regards

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