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FTDI Community:
Hi Everyone,

We have a new beta version of our libMPSSE library below:

This has several updates compared to the release currently on the website including:
- Resolves issue with multi-byte reads on I2C
- Resolves issue with opening device on some USB3 ports (opens by Description instead of location ID)
- Sends I2C Stop condition if the Master terminates a transaction
- Improved clock granularity in I2C_CLOCK_HIGH_SPEED_MODE
- Fix for clock resolution issue on FT2232D

We are currently testing the beta and hope to release it soon but if you have any feedback on the new beta then please let us know.

Thanks, FTDI Community

The zip does not contain library files for x86_64 on Linux. Can you provide that as well? Since most of the machines now are x86_64.


Any update on this? Thanks.

FTDI Community:

We have requested this information from the developers.

Best Regards,
FTDI Community

    Is there a newer version of beta version libMPSSE library? This link has failed.


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