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Author Topic: Using FT232R with Windows UWP  (Read 854 times)


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Using FT232R with Windows UWP
« on: May 16, 2019, 11:36:54 AM »

I am working on a Windows PC based application and having some issues. I have a RS485 cable from FTDI based on the FT232 IC.

In my UWP applications (written in VS 2017) I have the following:

// Create new instance of the FTDI device class
            FTDI myFtdiDevice = new FTDI();

            // Determine the number of FTDI devices connected to the machine
            FTDI_Status = myFtdiDevice.GetNumberOfDevices(ref ftdiDeviceCount);

            if (FTDI_Status == FTDI.FT_STATUS.FT_OK)
                //Check of FTDI cables worked OK

                TxtDisplayTopRow.Text = "FTDI cable check OK";
                TxtDisplayBottomRow.Text = ftdiDeviceCount + " connected";

                // Allocate storage for device info list
                FTDI.FT_DEVICE_INFO_NODE[] ftdiDeviceList = new FTDI.FT_DEVICE_INFO_NODE[ftdiDeviceCount];

                // Populate our device list
                FTDI_Status = myFtdiDevice.GetDeviceList(ftdiDeviceList);
                if (FTDI_Status == FTDI.FT_STATUS.FT_OK)
                    // Open first device in our list by serial number
                    FTDI_Status = myFtdiDevice.OpenBySerialNumber(ftdiDeviceList[0].SerialNumber);

                    if (FTDI_Status == FTDI.FT_STATUS.FT_OK)
                        // Set up device data parameters
                        // Set Baud rate to 9600
                        FTDI_Status = myFtdiDevice.SetBaudRate(9600);
                        if (FTDI_Status == FTDI.FT_STATUS.FT_OK)
                            // Set data characteristics - Data bits, Stop bits, Parity
                            FTDI_Status = myFtdiDevice.SetDataCharacteristics(FTDI.FT_DATA_BITS.FT_BITS_8, FTDI.FT_STOP_BITS.FT_STOP_BITS_1, FTDI.FT_PARITY.FT_PARITY_NONE);
                            if (FTDI_Status == FTDI.FT_STATUS.FT_OK)
                                TxtDisplayTopRow.Text = "FTDI cable setup";

                //FTDI check failed

Everything works great until I get to 'GetDeviceList(ftdiDeviceList);', this does return a list of connected devices but all the important properties are blank

I have added the following capabilities to the manifest

<DeviceCapability Name="usb">
      <!--FT232AM, FT232BM, FT232R and FT245R Devices-->
      <Device Id="vidpid:0403 6001">
        <Function Type="name:vendorSpecific" />
      <!--FT2232D and FT2232H Devices-->
      <Device Id="vidpid:0403 6010">
        <Function Type="name:vendorSpecific" />
      <!--FT4232H Device-->
      <Device Id="vidpid:0403 6011">
        <Function Type="name:vendorSpecific" />
      <!--FT232H Device-->
      <Device Id="vidpid:0403 6014">
        <Function Type="name:vendorSpecific" />
      <!--FT-X-Series Devices-->
      <Device Id="vidpid:0403 6015">
        <Function Type="name:vendorSpecific" />
      <!--My Custom Device-->
      <!--<Device Id="vidpid:1234 4321">
      <Function Type="name:vendorSpecific" />

The version of FTD2XX_NET is:

It would be good to know if anyone has successfully used the FTDI cables with UWP and if so what I need to do?

Many thanks