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Author Topic: FT4222_I2CMaster_Init() - which speeds select which modes (SM, FB, FM+ or HS)  (Read 10335 times)


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 For FT4222_I2CMaster_Init(), it says:

This parameter is used to configure the FT4222H to be either SM, FB, FM+ or HS mode.

…and in the API docs:

Common I²C bus speeds are the 100 kbit/s standard mode (SM), 400 kbit/s fast mode (FM), 1 Mbit/s Fast mode plus (FM+), and 3.4 Mbit/s High Speed mode (HS)

At which kbps values does it switch to the different modes?

When we use 1000 (kbps), our scope shows it's actually running around 750mhz.