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Author Topic: Regarding V2DIP2  (Read 21710 times)


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Regarding V2DIP2
« on: September 03, 2020, 03:45:32 AM »

I got V2DIP2 and supply power it.
All 3 LED is working blinking.

I want to use it without any re-programming, just interworking FT232R device.
I put the FT232 dongle to USB connector and send the data thru FT232R device to V2DIP2.
But, there is no data on UART(IO12/13).

Is there any protocol on UART(IO12/13)?
V2DIP2 has two USB. If I put two FT232 dongle to USBs, how can I distinguish the data which dongle's data...?

I cannot find the detail datasheet.
I don't want to re-program the V2DIP2, just use your pre-made bin.
JP1/2 is not touched. expecting Serial UART mode.

I will use this product only adapting FT232 devices.

**** Is there any *simple&small* solution to support Ft232 device. I want only for supporting FT232R device.
Can I use VDIP1?

I have a host CPU with UART and SPI, no external Addr/Data BUS.

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Re: Regarding V2DIP2
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2020, 04:22:15 PM »


V2DIP2 is supplied with V2DAP firmware pre-programmed, but please check you have the latest version.
The latest version is supplied with the Vinculum-II Tools at the following location on the PC:


Please refer to the Vinculum Firmware User Manual for usage.
Also see AN_176 - Vinculum Comparison of VDAP and V2DAP, as V2DAP is a port of VDAP.

Also note that on the UART side you will also require to connect the flow control signals (CTS/RTS) and this should be set by the UART application.

You can only host 2 x FT232R which will allow you to read from either of them and use one of them at a time in data mode.
It will never bridge between them though.

The VNC2 is quite a mature product.
Hosting FT232 devices with these older Vinculum/Vinculum-II products can be unreliable.
It takes a lot of the MCUs resources to run the FT232 device code so there can be performance issues.
I wouldn’t recommend using these products for this application.

The latest MCU FT90x has similar features to VNC2 and is actively supported from R&D, so you might want to consider this product.

Take a look at FT90x UART to FT232 Host Bridge, there is already a software example which can host FTDI devices.
A video has been created which demonstrates this:


There are significant benefits of FT90x over VNC2:

-Eclipse based IDE
-Source code for API drivers is provided
-Significant performance improvement
-Firmware updates over USB DFU
-Improved documentation and examples

We provide a free FT9xx Toolchain and FT9xx Development Modules.

If you need local support see Contact Us.

Best Regards,
FTDI Community