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How to keep FT601 clock active during SUSPEND?


In the document TN_168 "FT600_601 Errata Technical Note", the Erratum 0005 has a description as follows:

"A configuration option shall be provided that may be enabled and disabled. When enabled, then the FIFO clock shall remain enabled
during SUSPEND and when disabled, the FIFO clock shall be turned off."

It seems that there is configuration option that can make the clock from FT601 always be active even during USB SUSPEND.
What is the configuration option and how do I configure it? 

Thanks a lot.    :)

FTDI Community:

Which revision of silicon are you using?

Erratum 0005 only applies to RevA silicon so if you are using that, please use the latest revision of silicon (Rev B).

See the following PCNs for more information:


Best Regards,
FTDI Community

The revision I am using is UMFT601A-B.

Best Regards,
Stanley Chien

Is there any updates on this topic? Because provided documents does not answer where this configuration option can be found and how to use it?


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