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ESP Sample Code for a Matrix Orbital EVE3 & EVE4 Displays


Simple weather station application for an ESP using the WEMOS D1 Mini and a Matrix Orbital EVE3 4.3" SPI Display.

The display used, EVE3-43G is an oversized Capacitive touch 4.3" IPS TFT for easy mounting and clean design. The EVE3 uses the BT815 and BT816 as the graphics engine and features 32Mb on-board memory.

Source Code


    WEMOS D1 Mini (Most models of the ESP32/ESP8266 should work, but are untested)
    A Matrix Orbital EVE3-43 display
    A Matrix Orbital EVE-SPI2BBC Breakout board
    A Matrix Orbital EVE2-USB2SPI-KIT-A USB to SPI Adapter board

Support for the project


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