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Author Topic: Vinculum II Toolchain Patch V2.0.2-SP3  (Read 1943 times)

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Vinculum II Toolchain Patch V2.0.2-SP3
« on: October 25, 2021, 04:37:54 PM »

Hello All,

We have an update for some VNC2 drivers which include some improvements.

Please contact support1@ftdichip.com and we can send you the installer via SFTP.

Note that you must have V2.0.2-SP2 already installed which can be found here:


Vinculum II Installer V2.0.2-SP3.exe will be supplied which is a patch to update all the drivers and libraries (stdio, stdlib etc).

The changes are listed here in the patch readme:


This is patch Version 2.0.2-SP3 release of the Vinculum II Toolchain, comprising updated device drivers and libraries.

All ReadMe file information applies to the updates provided in V2.0.2-SP3.

*** This patch installer must be applied to an installation of V2.0.2-SP2 only. ***

There are no updates to compile, debug, or other build and configuration tools; sample code; VOS kernel; Vinco libraries; IDE; or documentation.

We welcome suggestions for new features or improvements to existing features.

The ReadMe files for previous releases are also available in the installation directory.
Drivers Readme

Fixed Issues:
- USBSlaveFT232.a fix enumeration issue;
    Add in latency timer get and set IOCTL functions,FTDI_SET_LATENCY_TIMER and FTDI_GET_LATENCY_TIMER were present but not implemented;
    Improve data flow so data is passed faster and more reliably to and from the host;
    Implement a dummy EEPROM to enable applications that require EEPROM checks to work.
- USBSlave.a correct remote wakeup behaviour when acting as a USB device and ensure correct ZLP generation for USB verification tests.
- BOMS.a implement changes for 64kB clusters on FAT16.
- FAT.a fix available cluster count.
- USBHostFT232.a correct baud rate settings for High-Speed devices. Added support for new FTDI devices.
- USBHost.a fix VOS_IOCTL_USBHOST_DEVICE_SET_CONFIGURATION to change the configuration of devices on USB host. Note: this will re-enumerate with the new configuration value.
- USBHostCDC code fix bitmaps for notifications.

- FAT library will not support ATAPI disks.
- FAT library does not support FAT12 format disks. Please use FAT16 or FAT32 format.
- FAT fat_fileCopy function will only copy files to a different disk from the source disk.
- USBHostFT232 driver does not assert RTS or DTR automatically when flow control is enabled.
    This must be done with an VOS_IOCTL_USBHOSTFT232_SET_RTS/DTR before data can be received.

Known Issues:
- N/A

Runtime Libraries Readme

Fixed Issues:
- Corrected return value of printf(), sprintf(), fprintf().

- N/A

Known Issues:
- N/A

Best Regards,
FTDI Community