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FT_GetDeviceInfoList non-ASCII serial problem


we have encountered a problem with libftd2xx v1.4.27 on linux
FT_GetDeviceInfoList fills FT_DEVICE_LIST_INFO_NODE.SerialNumber with ASCII characters only
any non-ASCII character gets replaced with `?` == 0x3f
problem location best guess is: libusb_get_string_descriptor_ascii() at libusb included within driver package
same problem is with FT_GetDeviceInfo

while the same code works well on windows: serial number is returned correctly

can you please give a hint: how to retreive serial number value without any non-ASCII replacement?

FTDI Community:

The solution would be to only use Serial Number or Description with ASCII characters.

You can use D2xx Programming functions in Linux to reprogram or you can use FT_PROG on Windows.

The alternative driver that you can try is LibFTDI which is an open source library/driver but is not created/supported by FTDI:

This third party solution includes the source so may suit you if you need to make changes to the source.

Best Regards,
FTDI Community


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