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Start problem on V2DIP1-32



we develop a little firmware on the V2DIP1-32 which retrieve the data from an HID device and forward to a UART bus.
We use a custom firmware because, we need to send a periodic frame on the uart bus (10ms).
As you can see in the attachment files, sometimes, the V2DIP1-32 start with a degraded performance. To track the problem, we created a "alive" thread with the high priority which toggle a gpio pin every 10ms.
When the V2DIP1-32 starts with a low performance, the "alive" thread toggle the pin every 20ms and the uart frame is sent every 120ms!

Any suggestion about this performance degradation?

FTDI Community:

This is likely an issue with your custom firmware, you could try using one of our precompiled firmware like V2DAP, to see if you are seeing the same degradation. You could also use VNC2 tools to debug and analyse. There are some code analysis tools built in. 

you could also try applying the SP3 patch to the VNC2 toolchain, and then rebuild. If you email into we can give you the details on how to access the patch.

Best Regards

FTDI Community


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