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FTDI Chips as a USB Host


Hi Everyone
I am very new to FTDI. I was searching around the internet regarding USB Host controller and found FTDI website.
I have never used USB with my projects but now in my current project I need USB interface with microcontroller and this USB interface should work as a Host. Other slave device will connect with this device.
Can you guys guide me from where I should start to learn this USB related stuff. How to use FTDI chips as a Host and how to write program of these chips according to my requirements. Which tools should I use to write code and burn it into chip

Your guidance will be very much needed and appreciated.

FTDI Community:

FTDI has a couple of USB hosts on offer, the Vinculum / Vinculum-II

Please note Vinculum / Vinculum-II are very mature products.The Vinculum / Vinculum-II only have a USB full speed controller and was released a long time ago. Please note that the 64-pin variant of VNC2 was recently made EOL.See VNC2-64 EOL.I’m not sure when the other package variants will be made EOL.You can check our EOL policies here:

However, our sister company Bridgtek have FT90x which is a newer MCU with USB Host at High Speed USB. You can learn more about FT90x on their website

Best Regards

FTDI Community

Thanks FTDI Community for your guidance.
It means I should not consider FTDI chips because of EOL. If I choose any of available chip then in future this will also be discontinued.

recommend me some chips from sister company Bridgtek.
It means first I have to select a chip which will be available in future and then start working on it

Dear community
Are there any video tutorials available for configuring these Chips step by step?
Need such kind of thing to start development.
kindly help out in this regard

Thanks & best regards

FTDI Community:

Unfortunately we don't have any video tutorials. There may be some online of people using VNC2. For most of the precompiled firmware there are application notes that walk you through how to set the device up. They can be found here:

We have quite extensive documentation for VNC2, that can all be found on our website. These should be able to help you. If you go to the product page for VNC2, on our website, you can find most of the documentation.

Best Regards

FTDI Community


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