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Could chip of VNC2 support RFID or NFC reader function?



Thank you so much for the kind assistance in the past time thankfully!

I recently want to do the RFID of NFC reader function based on the V2DIP1-32 module which uses the VNC2-32Q IC as being the USB host. I had modified the example codes based on "USBHostHID" and "USBHostHID2" to read data from the HID device of barcode readers successfully. However, when I replace the HID device into the USB RFID reader, it does not work to read ID information from the card scaned by RFID reader. I use the debugger to trace my code, it shows the error code message "USBHOST_NOT_FOUND" when doing function "vos_dev_read".

I wondering that does the VNC2-32Q IC support for all types of HID devices? Or any suggestions for implementing RFID readers with VNC2 USB host are appreciated in advanced!

Thank you so much!

FTDI Community:

VNC2 may not support all USB HID class devices.

"USBHostHID" and "USBHostHID2" are only examples.
Refer to the ReadMe.txt inside the example folder.

You can refer to AN_151 Vinculum II User Guide for all API usage which may help you implement your own solution to host an NFC reader.

There may be other FTDI Community users who can help you further.

Best Regards,
FTDI Community

Thank you for your kind reply!
I will try to figure out how to make it work by the help of the document "AN_151 Vinculum II User Guide" mentioned previously.

Anyway, I appreciate your kind reply a lot.
Thank you so mcuh!



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